Underwhelmed follows the day to day life of a pudgy little redheaded boy named Doyle. Most of his adventures involve video games, tv and food. He has nothing to do and all day to do it.

-Underwhelmed is my first comic started in 2008

‘Loop’ is about Dave, a Time Tourist from the year 3065. When going on a vacation through time he winds up off course and finds himself trapped in prehistoric time. He befriends a caveman name Krong and finds out there’s more to the past than we once thought.

-Loop is my second comic, started in 2012

Kid With a Cape is an absurd surreal comedy about a young boy with superhuman powers but a slacker’s sense of altruism. Follow the adventures of Super Tony as he learns to use his abilities to protect Big City, all the while struggling to be himself, to fit in at school and to handle that invasive Narrator!

-Kid with a cape was created by Tony La Vella and Illustrated by me. This was my first collaborated comic